Saxtronauts – Avaruusseikkailu 2020

Saxtronauts are my dearest saxophone colleagues: Nanna Ikonen, Nanako Lammi and Sikri Lehko. Together we have now launched our new project: Avaruusseikkailu 2020 / Space Adventure 2020. We have commissioned three new pieces for saxophones from three composers: Lauri Supponen, Tytti Arola and Nuño Fernández Ezquerra. Project includes music also by Hildegard of Bingen, Perotin, Khachaturian, Nagao and Shostakovich. We are on a never ending exploration trip trough space with the help of music as our method of research.

Experimentations with sensors, music and human reactions

We have started a very exiting project with composer Matilda Seppälä, and first part of it got it’s first performance a few weeks ago in Helsinki Music Center. I was wearing sensors that were measuring my skin’s conductance, and the level of stress/calmness in my body was conducting the intensity of Matilda’s music. For example, when I was meditating on stage, the music was pretty calm. But when Matilda came to touch my hand for example, the music also reacted to that.

This will be an interesting journey, and we might learn something new about performing. The audience will get under the performer’s skin, because it is impossible to hide one’s physical reactions when performing with sensors.

We will continue experimenting with sensors and this type of performances soon! We are curious to see what happens when we add an instrument to this! Matilda will compose a piece for tenor saxophone, electronics and EEG-sensors for my final exam at the Sibelius-Academy. Can’t wait!

Matilda Seppälä: Collection of Social Games- Part I, Pictures taken by Ian Gaplichnik @Black Box 11.4.2019