Kaaos Ensemble is a contemporary music group with an interesting combination of instruments: flute (Martta Jämsä), saxophone (Anna-Sofia), guitar (Janne Malinen) and percussion (Jerry Piipponen).

Saxtronauts is a Helsinki based saxophone ensemble that was established in 2017. The aim of Saxtronauts is to bring out the versatile possibilities of saxophone music to all kinds of audiences in an unprejudiced manner.

Nanako Lammi, Sikri Lehko, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Nanna Ikonen
Photo: Heli Blåfield 2019

Trio WAS+ is a experimental music ensemble based in Finland and Luxembourg, formed of saxophone (Anna-Sofia), accordion (Frin Wolter), double bass (Aida Salakka) and electronics (Tuukka Tervo).

photo: Anna-Maria Viksten 2023

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