Kaaos Ensemble is a contemporary music group with an interesting combination of instruments: flute, saxophone, guitar and percussion.

Ilkka Hammo: A Battuta (2018)

Magnus Lindberg: Linea d’ombra (1981)

Lauri Supponen: Solsirépifpan (2017) (starting from 26:40)

Kaaos Ensemble (from left): Mikael Rechardt (guitar), Jerry Piipponen (percussion), Martta Jämsä (flute) and Anna-Sofia Anttonen (saxophone)

Saxtronauts is a Helsinki based saxophone ensemble that was established in 2017. The members of this international ensemble have studied music all over the world: in Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Finland. The aim of Saxtronauts is to bring out the versatile possibilities of saxophone music to all kinds of audiences in an unprejudiced manner.

Kuvan mahdollinen sisältö: 5 henkilöä, hymyileviä ihmisiä
Saxtronauts (from left): Nanako Lammi, Sikri Lehko, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Annu Laine, Nanna Ikonen