Kaaos Ensemble is a contemporary music group with an interesting combination of instruments: flute, saxophone, guitar and percussion.

Ilkka Hammo: A Battuta (2018)

Magnus Lindberg: Linea d’ombra (1981)

Lauri Supponen: Solsirépifpan (2017) (starting from 26:40)

Kaaos Ensemble (from left): Mikael Rechardt (guitar), Jerry Piipponen (percussion), Martta Jämsä (flute) and Anna-Sofia Anttonen (saxophone)

Saxtronauts is a Helsinki based saxophone ensemble that was established in 2017. The members of this international ensemble have studied music all over the world: in Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Finland. The aim of Saxtronauts is to bring out the versatile possibilities of saxophone music to all kinds of audiences in an unprejudiced manner.

Photo: Heli Blåfield 2020
Nanako Lammi, Sikri Lehko, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Nanna Ikonen
Photo: Heli Blåfield 2019
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